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Download as PowerPoint Slide Larger image png format. International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering , 2 4 , Pictorial dictionary is further distributed into Sindhi keyboard, Pictorial dictionary database and English dictionary. He had been the editor of established Sindhi daily Hilal-e-Pakistan for six years.

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There are four attributes used in the Pictorial dictionary database as shown in Figure 5. The development of such dictionaries and their provision through Pakistan's National Sindbica Library would highly facilitate the research work on Sindhi language, literature and linguistics [ 7 ehglish-sindhi.

The dictionary contains approximately 65, headwords, more thanmeanings and about 3 million text words. Dictionaries are the fundamental building block of any language facilitating the language learners, scholars, teachers, students and native speakers with vital understanding of linguistics resources. Our system implements Hash table to save the data instead of any conventional database.

With record of each Sindhi Word, its relevant information is saved in the Dictionary Database bean as object and then the record englizh-sindhi put into the hash table. Figure 11 shows the results of dictionarh usability survey. Amongst the students that were asked to take part in the evaluation, 55 showed complete satisfaction with only 10 being unsatisfied by the system with certain reservations. He has published two collections of short stories and 6 novels in Sindhi.

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Submission Browse by Subjects. International Society for Optics and Photonics. Some of the specific aims of creating this application are given as under. GUI and System Workflow 4. The main target was to develop the application with all built-in features that does not require any regional language support.

Sindhi meanings of the English words are obtained from the study of various Sindhi dictionaries. Pictorial dictionaries include a small corpus of words, minimizing the dictionaries size and complexity. In brief, Dictionary is just like a reference book which provided the meaning and additional information such as pronunciations, origin etc. This is one of the specific criteria which will be appreciated by everyone.

Unicode Based Bilingual Sindhi-English Pictorial Dictionary for Children

User oriented Application This application is designed in such a way that it is user oriented in nature and can easily be operated by a novice user of any age. This application is designed in such a way that it is user oriented in nature and can easily be operated by a novice user of any age. It is essential here to mention that the project does not use and copyrighted images and sources.

As the admin selects the dictionary type, he is asked to locate the database file from the computer as shown in Figure 7.

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Finally we conducted usability test and survey amongst students by letting the students use the dictionary and latter asking them to fill in simple questioners regarding the dictionary. First is the administrator section that is used to enter and save words and meanings along with their corresponding picture.

In the next subsection we discuss the research and source of various reference materials obtained for this project and later the main aims and objectives of this paper. It is the first and foremost comprehensive and affordable work in English-Sindhi bilingual lexicographical history. No Delay in Retrieval This application is very much efficient in retrieval of words.

Rahman M U This project of Unicode based Sindhi — English pictorial dictionary consists of two key sections. Veiw figure View current figure in a new window View next figure. Choose your country or region Close. We also used Adobe Photoshop tool to design images at our own. For the General public a simplified welcome screen is designed as shown in Figure 9.

American Journal of Software Engineering2 1 ,

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