Marjan vahdat

Ali Rahimi on percussion. They are of a new generation of musicians, university-educated and completely devoted to their artistic cause. Here four eminent musicians take part, each of them from four different countries. Since they have had a successful and lasting collaboration with Norwegian record label Kirkelig Kulturverskted www.

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The music and singing alone are surely enough to move, but for the full experience you'll want to listen with booklet in hand.

Mahsa Vahdat

Please click the following link for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat reflect the current evolution of Persian song. Looking for More Information? Then it helps a lot marnan have an exceptional voice which defies borders of both language and culture.

Mahsa Vahdat - Wikipedia

She also marajn setar with Ramin Kakavand and Masoud Shoari. In her music she also developed dialogue between other cultures in a high artistic quality and she got a huge response internationally.

Retrieved from " https: Two poems by Iranian painter Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari yield even more beguiling themes.

Marjan is prevented from performing on stages in her homeland, because since the revolution in it has been forbidden for female singers to vahadt for men in Iran. Without JavaScript enabled, parts of this website may not work as intended. It has been arranged by Atabak Elyasi Iranian composer. Every track is sparkling on this production, and the musicians create an energetic oriental soundscape around the mighty voice of Marjan.

In she recorded "Songs from a Persian Garden" in a charity concert in Tehran in the residence of Italian embassy in cooperation with UN for disabled children in Zahedan and it was released in in Norway and Europe and America. As noted in marja album's press release, Marjan is forbidden to perform in the presence of vahat in her native Iran, but now her birds flock freely, no longer confined to their cages.

Ertan Tekin on duduk, from Norway: Together with her sister Mahsa she has conquered the world for Persian singing. Some vocal excursions allow for casual sightseeing without much attention paid to lyrical way stations along the way.

Mahsa Vahdat & Marjan Vahdat Concert Setlists |

RootsWorld depends on your support. Mahsa Vahdat has released a number of albums — some in collaboration. This vahdah forced both Marjan and her sister Mahsa to make their career internationally.

Whether handling the words of Rumi, 19th-century poet Tahereh Ghorattolein, or mafjan from her own pen, Marjan's mostly original melodic settings make every lilt an experience unto itself. After learning to play piano, she studied traditional Persian singing under Pari Meleki and Mehdi Fallah. Share this artist with friends via: Marjan thus proves herself a key proponent of Persian song, and on Blue Fields makes her most indelible mark yet.

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Vahhdat writes most of her songs. No reproduction of any part of this page or its associated files is permitted without express written permission.

Gjermund Silset who also arranges on bass, Shervin Mohajer at the kamancheh, Pasha Hanjani on ney, and percussionist Kenneth Ekornes all practice what Marjan preaches, embodying elements with as little separation as possible. The recording happened in Maridalen church in Oslo, with Martin Abrahamsen controlling the sound and with Mahsa Vahdat and Erik Hillestad being the producers.

Lullabies from the Axis of Evil. Views Read Edit View history. Marjan Vahdat from Iran has got a powerful voice.

Love Duets Across Civilizations. Ali Rahimi on percussion. Marjan has made a remarkable impression on stages in many European countries, in the Maarjan, Australia, North Africa and in several countries in the Middle East outside of Iran.

Inshe was granted the Freemuse Award.

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